What does BedrockOne do?

We provide businesses a single point of contact for product information, pricing, consultation, ordering and ongoing support of Voice, Data & Internet services for great companies.

 What services do you provide?

Voice, Hosted PBX, Data, Cloud, Dark Fiber & Wavelength services.
Unbiased provider selection & 24/7/365 customer support.

What if I don't know what I have, or what I need?

No problem! That is when we are most advantageous. We will take the time to understand your business, its needs and provide a solution that fits perfectly. Never again will you have to worry if you are paying too much or be confused about these types of services.

How many partner service providers are available?

We work directly with over 40 carriers to be able to offer our customers complete nationwide service options, regardless of the business size or location.

Is BedrockOne a telecommunications carrier?

No. BedrockOne is a customer focused network agency. We find the best solutions available from multiple providers for great companies. We work on behalf of you, not the carriers!

Who provides the service and billing?

The provider you choose will bill you directly for their services. You will have direct 24x7 access to your account, like you are accustomed to today.

Is there a charge for BedrockOne service?

No. All of our services are provided free of charge to the client.

How does BedrockOne make money?

BedrockOne earns money through a small residual commission paid by the provider you choose. This allows us to be unbiased in our offerings and provides incentive for us to retain your ultimate satisfaction, now and in the future.

Why would I work with BedrockOne vs. a direct sales person from a provider?

We provide our clients with optimal solutions and best pricing by utilizing our industry knowledge of the providers' product strengths & weaknesses.
We offer unbiased solutions and consultation. Direct salespeople will push their product on a client whether or not it is the best choice/fit.

Our pricing always contains all available discounts, waivers, and promotions. We work for you!

Experience. Our team of advisors all have 10 years of experience, or more. Most direct sales people are fairly new and only have knowledge of their company's basic services.
We provide long-term support to you through your dedicated BedrockOne adviser. From the initial consultation, to on-going support, you will have the same point of contact. Direct sales people are trained to only ‘sell' to their prospects and after the sale, hand off any follow up or support to customer service.

Ability to change providers or purchase new services without changing your sales support. BedrockOne will proactively make sure you are on the best technology and pricing-no matter the carrier.

What is the process for working with BedrockOne?

1.Contact us! Either fill out our contact form or call: 877.533.5575.

You will be contacted within minutes by one of our advisors, to thoroughly review your business and its Voice, Data or Internet needs. This will be your dedicated advisor going forward. Contact information will be exchanged.

Your advisor will go to work for you finding the best products, carriers and pricing for your business.

An easy to understand no-obligation proposal of all your available options (usually 3-5) will be emailed to you immediately and your advisor will call you to walk you through the results and help answer any questions.

When you are ready to place an order for service; your advisor will send you complete paperwork, discuss it, instruct where to sign and how to send back for processingWe will process your signed order directly with the provider. BedrockOne, as well as the provider, will update you on the progress of your order, providing dates and instructions.

After installation, your service is no different than any other customer of the provider. Service, billing, customer & technical support will be handled by the provider.

We also provides post-sale escalation of issues that are not getting resolved to your satisfaction through normal customer support channels. Please contact your service specialist with any needs.

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