Cloud Infrastructure.  Software solutions.

Create the foundation of your IoT Applications.Unlock the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for IoT Connected Devices

"The proliferation of IoT devices and the range of use cases is exploding,"

"Managing, and effectively using IoT devices, will require robust and nearly ubiquitous network access." - Cushing Anderson, program vice president at IDC

Managed Services

  • Want to spend your time running your business &writing code? Let's find the right solution.
  • Managed services, the installation, configuration, patching and management of your OS and applications - web, database and large data services.
  • With a check of a box, or an API call, your cloud server management can be handled for you.
  • In some cases no contract or commit required. You simply pay by the hour.





Data Analytics

  • As  IoT becomes more ubiquitous in our  daily lives security, reliability and how well a company digitally transforms this mass of device and sensor data into value will become an advantage.

  • We achieve client success by using partners with established networks. Networks that support highly available infrastructure.

  • We place value on highly secure data stores for the collection and processing of large amounts of frequently changing sensor data.



“At its lowest common denominator, AI enables brands to better synthesize mounds of data and incorporate those learnings to improve the commerce experience”.

- Fobes.