Unified Communications increasingly is being delivered as a hosted, managed and usage-based solution, shifting from capital investment to operating cost models, while enhancing services and features. 

With UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS), additional expertise of IT resources typically are not necessary, allowing you to offload the complexities of the voice system to the provider(s), while ensuring access to the latest updates and features.  

Cloud Voice Features

Unified Collaboration. Work From Anywhere.

Basic Features

  • Enterprise voice, messaging & HD webconfrencing
  • Real-time content sharing
  • Find me, follow me features
  • Global reach
  • Unified platform for all remote team members
  • Secure group messaging
  • One main number call attendent features
  • Virtual assistant options available
  • Work from anywhere on the planet
  • Portal management for both group & individual users
  • Platform analytics
  • Global reach
  • Unify all members with one company presence

User Features

  • Full PBX functionality
  • Individual advanced call routing
  • Integration w/your CRM platform
  • Virtual Assistant
  • HD conference calling
  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Provider platform
  • HD video
  • HD voice

Customer Benefits

  • Platform visibility
  • Real-time access

“The average business runs 38% of workloads in public and 41% in private cloud."

- RightScale.